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Build a base for a 20' Christmas
Tree using a flag pole

Build a base for a 20' Christmas

Final Base

See Wayne K.Christmas Tree In Action

Click Here to purchase a complete mega tree kit using 1' fittings. This has a beefier base and you do not need a flag pole.

Parts List:

  1. (7) pieces of 3/4"x 10' schedule 40 pvc pipe (Lowe's, Home Depot)
  2. (6) pieces of 3/4"x 10' gray electrical pvc conduit (Lowe's, Home Depot)
  3. (2) pieces of 1/2" x 10' schedule 40 pvc pipe (Lowe's, Home Depot)
  4. (16) 45 degree schedule 40 elbows
  5. (2) 5' lengths 1/2 " Poly cold water pipe (comes in 100' lengths;cost is between $12.00 to $14.00) (Lowe's Item # 24163, Home Depot Item # 23592)
  6. (2) 1/2 " insert coupling (My home Depot carries these Lowe's may have them in your area)
  7. (12) Dura 3/4" Snap-on Tees ( Click Here to order)
  8. (52) Spears 3/4" Snap-on Tees ( Click Here to order)
  9. (1) Telescopic Flagpole (Sunsetter Flag Poles )

    Material Cut List
Build Base Ring
First we are going to build the base ring. Take 3 of the 6 pieces of 3/4" gray conduit you purchase and connect all three ends together until you complete a full circle.
Build Octagon for center support of Trunk

To get started you will need to make two octagon forms. First cut 16 pieces of 7.5" x 3/4" schedule 40 pvc pipe and get 16 - 45 degree elbows.

Take half of each and build a octagon form as seen in the picture and continue on building the second octagon form. Be sure to glue all fittings.

Put the base together

Step #1: Take the 3/4" schedule 40 pvc pipe you purchased locally and cut (8) 45" pieces and glue a snap-on tee onto each end as seen in picture. You will only need 4 of these to complete the base ring. The other 4 will be used for the tree ring.



Step #2: Take one of the cross support (45" pieces)and snap it onto one side of the octagon from and then snap the other end onto the circle. Continue this until you have all 4 snapped on.



Step #3: Add the 2nd, 3rd and 4th cross support as seen in pictures.

Build Trunk Ring and ring holders

Next we need to build bottom and top trunk ring.


Take a 8' length of the black cold water pipe and insert a 1/2" insert coupling.




Connect the two ends to complete the circle. As seen in picture. You might need to heat the ends to get the insert couplings in, depending on the tempurature.


Now we need make a trunk ring holder. We will need 8 of these to hold the trunk rings in place. Also, you will need 4 more of these to hold the light ring to the base.


The make one you will need a 3/4" Dura and 3/4" Spears snap-on tee. Cut a 1 1/2" length of 3/4" pipe to use to glue both snap-on tees together. Make sure each snap-on tee is glued perpendicular to the other. Once you have made 12 of these, set 8 of them aside for later.

Take four of the ring holders and slip the Dura end onto the black poly pipe. It will have a loose fit. The Dura end only needs to hold the trunk ring in place.



Now snap the Spears snap-on tees onto the outside of the octagon on your base.





Build Light Ring


Talk 2 pieces of 1/2" gray conduit and connect together to form a complete circle. The diameter of the circle can be made larger or smaller by adding more pipe of less. You may want to add this last after you put a light string on to see where your light sting will end.



Take 4 of the ring holders you made earlier and slip the Dura snap-on tee onto the ring.




Center it and then snap it in place and you are done with the base.



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