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C9 Socket Strobe Light Kit

C9 Socket Strobe Light Kit

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Weight 1.00 lbs

 C9 socket strobe light kit. 



 C9 socket strobe light kit.
(This product will ship after June 23rd 2014 ) 
This kit includes 25' of SPT wire, 5 C9 SPT sockets, 1- Male and 1- Female SPT plugs. This kit is desinged to place sockets where you need them to be, we recomend 5' spacing. Male and female plugs lock on each end and 5 C9 sockets snap on where ever you need them.
If you wish to hang strobe lights in trees, 5' spacing and connecting sets of 5 strobes stringers end to end will make it easy to take down after your season ends. For example, if you placed 100 strobe lights in a tree, that would take 20 of these stringers. If you had them on one continuous stringer it would be very hard to remove them from a tree. But if you have smaller stringers attached back to back, this would allow you to unplug one stringer at a time.

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