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20' Mega Tree Kit for Outdoor decorations

20' Mega Tree Kit for Outdoor decorations



Weight 49.00 lbs

Easy To Build 20' Mega Tree Kit With Training Video 

This kit comes with the Mega tree head, hook head and 5 way metal cross. More details...Video showing hookhead go up 20' pole.
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 Easy To Build 20' Mega Tree Kit
With Training Video 

 Build a 20' mega tree like a Pro! Easy step by step video to help you set up a 20' tree. So easy an Elf can do it!

  • Video and Instructions are emailed to you immediately after your purchase.


This tree contains the following:

Pulley Head Pulley Head
Hook Head
(This hook head does not have the center guy you see in the other hook head will sell that looks similar. This one is designed to work with our Pulley head. Other design would stop 8" to 10" from the top and create a gap between the top of tree and Star.)
Mega Tree Hook Head

5 Way Cross
Crank with Cable, cable clip, 3" bolt and 1 /1/4" u-bolt.
4 guy wires with cable clips Guy wires
12 x 1 3/8" Pole pin
PVC Base Kit (all pvc fitting needed including Snap-on tees to build the base around the tree stand. Mega Tree Base
Training Video  

You will need to purchase the following to complete the kit from your local hardware/plumbing store( Home Depot or Lowes). Please use this list to find out addition cost to build this 20' mega tree.

2- 10' x 1 1/2" black metal water pipe(Each piece is cut in half and used for the Base to hold 20'- 1 1/4" pole)
2 -10' x 1 1/4" black water pipe. (Makes 20' center pole)
8- 10' x 1" gray electrical conduit ( schedule 40 pvc (plastic))
9- 10' x 1" white schedule 40 pvc pipe.

 Mega Tree head: This screws on top of 1 1/4" pipe and a cable will go through pulley and back down to a hand crank attached to the pole and pulls the hook head up with your lights.Our stars are designed to screw into the top of the mega tree head.

Hook Head: This has 16 hooks and can hold 4 to 6 sets of lights per hook. Can hold more.
5 Way Metal Cross: This acts as you stand for either a 20' 1 1/4" pole. You will purchase two 10' pieces of 1 1/2" metal water pipe and cut each in half and insert each 5' length into the 5-way cross. This forms a stand for the 20' pole.
PVC Base Kit: This includes all the snap-on tees and fittings to build the base to hold the lights to the shape of your tree.
Video: This kit comes with a complete training video on DVD that show you from start to finish how to build a 20' mega tree.
This tree is using 64 strings of mini lights that are 25' long. The excess lights were pulled toward the center pole. You can use 64 strings and I recommend the least amount to use would be 48 strings. 
See Detailed Images Below...
Mega tree hookhead being cranked up pole with 2two 30 pound buckets attached. 
Mega Tree Comparison Chart: Click Here.

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